Little Possums Transition Program


​​Possums Playgroup 

Little Possums Playgroup is held on Monday and Friday mornings in the Primary School Precinct from 9:15am - 10:45am.

Each week we welcome children, ranging in age from birth to 4 years, along with their parent/s or carers. This is a great opportunity for all involved to make new friends listen to a story, sing songs, do some craft activities and share morning tea. As we continue to build strong ties with the community, we hope this program will provide parents with greater confidence and connection to our College, thus providing a smooth transition into formal schooling.

Possums Reading Time

You are never too young to start enjoying books! Once of our key priorities as a school is to instil a love reading in our students from a very young age. Every Friday from 9:00am, during our Little Possums Reading Tim, little kiddies from 0 to 5 years and their parent/s carer come to our Primary School Resource Centre to listen and engage in story telling time. Story time develops not only a love of books and reading at an early age, but also develops social, literacy and pre-reading skills.

Little Possums Pre-Prep Program

At Woodcrest State College we recognise that importance of early learning and of smooth and settled transitions into formal schooling. To foster students readiness  for school, Woodcrest State College offers a series of Pre-Prep Transition programs for all children enrolling into Prep the following year. 

Purpose of the Pre-Prep Program:

  • To provide an orientation and skill-based program to help prepare children for the Prep curriculum next year.
  • To provide ideas and activities for parents to work on with their children at home to ensure they are Prep-ready and able to experience success in their Prep year.
  • To foster interactions among children, parents and teachers and build relationships prior to the commencement of Prep next year.​

How does the Pre-Prep program work?

  • In 2021, our Pre-Prep program will have four programs throughout Semester 2.
  • Two programs will be conducted on Tuesday mornings and two on Thursday mornings.
  • Each program will consist of two, four-week blocks – Four weeks in Term 3 and another four weeks in Term 4. Each program will run for 8 weeks in total.
  • All sessions are of 90-minute duration (9:15am – 10:45am).
  • A Parent/Guardian must attend with their children.
  • Workshops for parents will be held in the Primary staffroom, while the children work with Prep teachers and Teacher Aides in our community/OSHC classroom.  During these parent sessions, we will share practical ideas and activities you can use with your child at home.​
2021 Pre-Prep Programs

​​​​Please select one of the following programs and email us to book in or if you have any questions in relation to our Little Possums Programs, please email us at​​

Program A
Program B
Program C
Program D
​Term 3
Week 2 - 20 July
Week 3 - 27 July
Week 4 - 3 August
Week 5 - 10 August

Term 4
Week 1 - 5 October
Week 2 - 12 October
Week 3 - 19 October
Week 4 - 26 October
Term 3
Week 2 - 22 July
Week 3 - 29 July
Week 4 - 5 August
Week 5 - 11 August

Term 4
Week 1 - 7 October
Week 2 - 14 October
Week 3 - 21 October 
Week 4 - 28 October 
​​Term 3
Week 6 - 17 August
Week 7 - 24 August
Week 8 - 31 August
Week 9 - 7 September

Term 4
Week 5 - 2 November
Week 6 - 9 November
Week 7 - 16 November
Week 8 - 23 November
​​Term 3
Week 6 - 19 August
Week 7 - 26 August
Week 8 - 2 September
Week 9 - 9 September

Term 4
Week 5 - 4 November
Week 6 - 11 November
Week 7 - 18 November
Week 8 - 25 November

Last reviewed 19 April 2021
Last updated 19 April 2021