Mission, Vision and Purpose


​​​​​​​​​Our Mission

The Woodcrest State College staff pride themselves on being professional in their pursuit of excellence in teaching and learning, in order to inspire students to succeed. The staff support learners in becoming curious, reflective and critical thinking global citizens whilst recognising the individual needs of each student and catering for their social, emotional, physical and intellectual well-being.​

Our Vision

“Inspiring Students”​

​​​Our Values

Respect, Responsibility and Resilience

Our Purpose

“Provide high quality learning opportunities for Prep to Year 12 students to develop their character, skills and attributes to enable them to choose their preferred pathway”

Vision Statement Explained

Greater Springfield is one of the most dynamic, innovative cities in Australia. Woodcrest State College sits at the gateway to Springfield. The College aims to be the school of choice for parents, students and the wider community. It is expected that Woodcrest State College students will guide, shape, build and lead the Greater Springfield City in the years and decades ahead. The possibilities within such an innovative city and the world beyond is endless. Woodcrest students will be provided with the skills and pathways in order to deliver for Greater Springfield and the world beyond.

To create an environment where students are able to be inspired it is critical that students enter grounds and facilities that are modern, well maintained, and clean. Our facility and cleaning staff pride themselves on delivering this for our school community. We aim to be a welcoming school, which utilises the latest in technology to provide a friendly, effective and efficient school office that provides the foundation for student and staff success.

Teachers are central to ensuring that students are provided with classrooms, which engage them and motivate them to achieve their best. Students are encouraged to recognise that a quality education is a passport to future success. Innovative and cutting edge practice is a feature of the learning throughout the College. The College offers a diverse range of pathways to all our students from highly academic streams to certificate courses, which equip students for trades or traineeships.

To have inspired teachers, it’s critical that they are challenged and supported by the leadership team at the college to deliver first class lessons every day for every student. It is critical that the visions and aspirations of the community are reflected in the strategic direction of the College by the leadership team.

For students to succeed it is vital that the high-level partnership exists between home and school that supports and encourages students to be the best they can be. A vibrant school community reflects the dreams and aspirations of the wider Springfield Community

For all in our school community we want students to be proud of their College and the achievements of all of the students in the College. We hope parents have a sense of pride in their own and other students of the College achievements. Staff are proud to say they work at Woodcrest and recognise their part in helping students unlock their potential. For future families, Woodcrest aims to be the school they want to send their students to, as it offers the chance to shape their own pathway and to be inspired to succeed.

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Last reviewed 02 February 2022
Last updated 02 February 2022